Social Value



As Principal Contractor, we are passionate about the social value our operations deliver locally to our sites.  Prior to the commencement of each of our projects, we review a number of particular areas in which we can have a positive contribution to the local area:

Local Engagement

For each of our sites we try to promote local shops, events and services to using notice boards located within the welfare units and sometimes within display cabinets located on the site hoarding.

Our site managers are encouraged to engage in local activities and groups. For some sites this has involved providing materials; assistance in local projects; or placing adverts in local magazines.

Local Employment

We are always mindful of the importance to provide employment within the locality where we work. Not only boosting the local economy but also creating a better standard of living within the environment, by cutting out unnecessary travelling time.

We utilise local labour wherever possible.  This is a practice we have exercised on numerous contracts with temporarily employed operatives becoming permanent members of staff.

Local Suppliers and Sub-contractors

We carefully consider who in our supply chain would be most suited to an individual project prior to appointment and we proactively choose to let subcontracts to our partners closest to a project.

Women in Construction Initiatives

Our Director, Paul Blyth has a background as a Construction lecturer for Colchester University.  Taking this forward, he has been instrumental in bringing new groups into the construction industry and has been acting as an adviser and supporter to local initiatives such as “The Women in Construction” programme in Essex.

Schools Initiative

Our staff are encouraged to help others follow in their footsteps and engage with local colleges and schools where possible. We attend school careers fayres and liaise directly with the CIOB to promote recruitment into the construction industry.

Site Carbon Emissions

Sustainability is one of the company’s main priorities.  We monitor on site activity to minimise waste and promote recycling, not only in terms of water and electricity consumption but stringent management of site waste.