Sustainable Homes

In terms of sustainability it is important for us all to look after the environment we live in. The sustainable construction and building codes and techniques for the successful running of our homes, forms a vital part in achieving this.

As builders focusing and specialising on sustainable solutions, we ensure that during construction there are a number of ‘green’ criteria we monitor with a view to reducing the impact on our environment:

AECB Silver

The AECB Building Standard (Formally AECB Silver) is aimed at those wishing to create high-performance buildings and make a valuable contribution to providing low carbon buildings. The AECB standard uses the Passivhaus approach and PHPP modelling with a focus on achieving high levels of air tightness and insulation whilst reducing Thermal Bridging.

Sustainable Code

Whilst the Sustainable Code system is no longer formally operated it has been the foundation of the new Building Regulations with the current regulation being largely comparable to Sustainable Code 4. In the past we have completed many projects to achieve codes 4 and 5 and use this experience to determine how to build homes that are low energy to run whilst being cost efficient to construct.

The London Plan

With the unique problems relating to constructing and living within our largest city, London has developed its own strategy to building energy efficient and sustainable homes. This individual scheme is focused upon reducing the carbon emissions of new homes and providing clean and sustainable energy efficient housing.

Carbon Reduction Targets

The challenge for construction in the future is to build homes that have very small environmental impact, which often means a focus on carbon emissions. Our role as contractors is to help our clients provide homes that can meet either specific carbon reduction targets, or alternatively we are able to use the services of our specialist energy consultant to advise on how to achieve a low carbon home.

Sustainable Construction

Waste Products

We focus on reducing waste materials by having skip use targets, posters around the site, and operating a just in time call off ordering system.

Responsible Sourcing

Construction materials and in particular timber are responsibly sourced and certificated to ensure that it comes from authentic sources where timber is replanted and managed.

Monitoring of Utility Usage

The use of essential resources during construction such as power and water is carefully monitored and minimised where possible.